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Agreement between C&f and Company

THIS AGREEMENT, which on ____ LIMITED means a company registered under the Companies Act, 1956 Mumbai and having its registered office at ….., hereinafter referred to as “The Company” (this term means and includes its successors and assigns) of the ONE PART; and M/s. a partnership company through their __ This Agreement becomes this ………… Day of………….. 19… between: 1. X. Co. Ltd. of Bombay, hereinafter referred to as the manufacturer; and 2.

Mr.C n/a M.D r/o XYZ, hereinafter referred to as the Ombudsman. 1. Manufacturers shall manufacture electronic products and intend to appoint a representative for the sale of such products. 2. And that the agent has contacted the manufacturer and is willing to work as the manufacturer`s agent. NOW, THIS AGREEMENT TESTIFIES AS UNDER: 1. The manufacturer designates Mr.C as the representative of the manufacturer`s products for the ….. (Specify the scope for which the officer was appointed.) (2) The appointment of the trustee shall be made by the board of directors provided that the appointment requires the consent of the general body at its first general meeting following the appointment of the trustee and, if it does not approve the agreement, loses its validity.

3. Such appointment shall be valid for a period of three years from the date of his appointment. However, the period may be extended by a maximum of three years for each renewal period. 4. The manufacturer undertakes not to sell below the rates (indicate the rates here). 5. The Agent undertakes not to sell goods in the retail trade below the prices indicated in the contract. 6. The intermediary is entitled to a commission of 5% on the selling price of the goods.

7. That the agent receives the shipment with a 30-day credit. The agent must make payment for the shipment within 30 days of the date of receipt of the goods. 8. The manufacturer may not sell the goods in the areas for which the representative has been appointed. All correspondence, etc. In this context, when it is received from the manufacturer, it is transmitted to the agent to do the necessary. 9. The intermediary may appoint sub-agents in the areas of the Agency. 10. The manufacturer executes all agent orders according to the availability of stock with him.

11. That the entrepreneur may not place an order for a quantity less than the minimum delivery of the goods. Similarly, the manufacturer may not deliver less than the minimum quantity of goods to the contractor. AS A WITNESS, whose parties first wrote these gifts of the above day, month and year. Sealed, signed and delivered by Mr. A in accordance with the dissolution of the Board of Directors of …… by X & Co. Ltd __ C_____________________________________. C__________________________________ …………

2. ………… 5. The C&F agent ensures proper storage of the products in a separate first-class build godown with sufficient capacity, ideally with a minimum of …….. sq.ft. first, which may need to be improved according to the requirements, and the products should not be confused with the products of other parties, including those of the C&F agent himself. The C&F Agent shall be liable to the Company for all damages/losses resulting from improper storage and/or mishandling of the Products or defect or theft of the Products, and shall indemnify and hold the Company harmless from all such loss and damage. The C&F Agent further accepts and hereby authorizes the Company to adjust such loss/damage from any amount payable by the Company to the C&F Agent under this Agreement or otherwise.

Can someone provide me with the draft contract for the appointment of a C&F agent by a manufacturer? 6. The C&F agent must keep and store the stocks of these products in a safe condition in order to avoid contamination from any source and to avoid damage or loss due to theft, fire, flooding and other hazards. The C&F agent must also store the products in clean and hygienic premises and environments in accordance with the rules prescribed by each. You are not logged in. Please log in to post answers Click here to log in/register 1. The manufacturer designates Mr.C as the representative of the manufacturer`s products for the .. (Specify the scope for which the officer was appointed.) TELUGU SATYANARAYANA (LAWYER AND TAX ADVISOR) 30 November 2012 PRAVEEN KUMAR (MBA (Finance) B.Com.( P)) 23 January 2010 2. The C&F Agent has declared and warranted that he has the necessary infrastructure/facilities and that he is capable/competent to act as a carrier and freight forwarder for and on behalf of the Company and, in this context, to receive the Products sent by the Company, to store the Products under its control and to deliver and/or transmit them to such persons in such batches and on such instructions, which may be mandated by the Company may be companies from time to time and has requested the Company to appoint them as its porting and shipping agent. .